The Time Challenge

Our latest challenge was to grind and apply a two coat 100% epoxy system to a modest 1700m2 warehouse in the lovely town of Fyshwick in the ACT. Under normal circumstance I would have no issues with a project this size, the challenge was that we had 5 working days to complete it! No problem.

A quick call to a good mate of Decorcrete and myself personally Matt from Diagrind rose to the challenge and off we went to "have a crack". Two trucks and a van loaded with gear and off we went.

We hit site at 7am Monday morning and were set up and grinding by 8am, by 4pm that days we were having a laugh as we drove back to the hotel. Well, that's the prep grind done! All the guys on site were amazed at what we had achieved in 8 hours and had never seen a set up like it. Yep we make it look easy!

Tuesday we decided to break the area in two and re vac'd so there was nothing on the floor to contaminate the epoxy, started rolling and had covered 850 mtrs in just under 7 hours. Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday and went beautifully.

After refining our process to suit the area Thursday was  a great success, so much so we decided to squeeze in a 45mtr2 garage that needed a 2mm overlay.

Come Friday we had packed up all the machines and done the final roll stroke by 2pm, the result was amazing and we had a VERY happy client.

I would like to see any other company put they're 3 best guys on any job of that size and produce the result we did in 4.5 days. To do it you need great equipment and loads of it, great products (no skimping to make an extra buck), great understanding of the processes and people you work wit and last but most important, EXPERIENCE!

We have all that in bucket loads. we look forward to hearing from you with your next project and challenge.

Yoda Avalon

When Michelle put in the call for me to quote on her job at Avalon she was excited. She was setting out to bring home the finishing touches to her street style food restaurant and we had the privilege of teaming up with her to do the floors and the splash areas of the kitchen. Liaising with her, a builder, a colour consultant and the local council to ensure we got the right surfaces throughout the whole restaurant and complied with all current regulations was a great time. A stressful time for the new restaurateur we made her and the colour consultant smile as things started coming together.

This was is a  two stage project, first get the kitchen  sorted so the chef (her Hubby) could get some time on the tools and then return to finish all of the dining areas. The Kitchen was to have a beautiful bright red custom made epoxy applied to the walls ensuring a bold look, long life and most importantly the ability to be easily cleaned. Second we installed a compliant coving and a three coats system to the floor with a garnet broadcast so as to meet/ exceed the required R12 slip rating. The colour used was the increasingly popular Curtain Call, chosen to reduce the visible discolouration commonly seen in commercial kitchens.

To be continued