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$500 Gift Voucher!!!

If you are contemplating having a the best polished concrete floor in your new or existing home and it measures more than 150 square meters of internal area call us now. For a very limited time I want to give you a $500 voucher for "The Perfect Wave Travel Group" when we complete your project. This can be used toward travel to any destination in the world for any sort of holiday you would like, the outstanding staff at "The Perfect Wave" are waiting to book it for you!
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10% off any garage or man cave custom floor!

Be the envy of your friends, club members and family with a custom floor in the garage or man cave!

Call us and we can arrange for you to have your club logo, your car brand and emblum or your favourite brand of beer or spirit emblazened on a freshly ground pristine floor and then sealed in to protect it for years to come.

Imagine how awesome that garage would look with your pride and joy sitting proudly with it's badge gleaming next to it. As a bonus the floor is now inpenetrable to oils and fluids, just wipe up any spills and your safe from an ear bashing from the missus. That itself is worth gold!

Refer a mate and get a $50 gift voucher of your choice!

Tell a friend, collegue or anybody else about us and we get the job as a result of that and them dropping your name up front, you get a spotters reward of a $50 voucher of your choice for the trouble.