Decorcrete Australia Areas of expertise

: Polished Concrete
Polished concrete in it's true form looks amazing. It is nothing but what the name describes, a hardened and polished version of something that may be pre existing as a floor anywhere! Contact Decorcrete Australia now to discuss the benefits of REAL polished concrete and get yourself one of the best polished concrete floors in Sydney. Learn more about our polished concrete services.

: Epoxy Floor Removal and Installation
Epoxy floors are a cost effective way to revive and brighten a dull, worn or lifeless floor. With a huge array of products and colours available you will be amazed at what is possible. Available through Decorcrete Australia are environmentally friendly products protecting our futures. Learn more about our epoxy flooring services.

: Glue Removal
If you have had tiles, vinyl or carpet removed you may find yourself with a nasty sticky glue! Unless removed correctly these can cause premayure failures of any new product that is going to replace what you have removed. Glue removal is made easy by giving us a call, we will come and inspect your floor and quote to fix your sticky situation on the spot. Learn more about our floor glue removal services

: Acid Staining (Decorative)
Acid staining is going crazy in the US and is fast becoming the fashion in lobbies, retail outlets and upmarket residences. Follow this link to see some of the wild variations available! Learn more about our floor acid staining services

: Man Cave Floors
This is where the fun starts guys, get creative and challenge us. Whatever you want to do in here is your business so if you want a huge decal of any sort on the floor and I mean we can put anything on your floor or wall for that matter we will. Polish the floor, flake it, stain it anything, lets have some fun!

: Garage Floors
Garage floors are often forgotten, the place where all our "extra" stuff sits. Well time to funk it up and bring it to life. Add value to your home, put your pride and joy on a beautiful floor that reflects (litterally) it's own self. Emblums and grafics can be laid into the new floor too, we utilize the latest printing technology to create a permanant feature on your floor!

: Flake Floors
Flake floors are fast becoming the choice of builders and architects that want something extra for their client. They are an extremely hard wearing product that is available in hundreds of different colour combinatins. Call us now for more information on how we can help you add value to your next project as a builder or your home as an owner.

: Tile Removal

We have one of the best operators of LPG powered ride on tile removal machines  on the east coast and the machine to do his reputation justice available for your commercial or industrial project. Unlike other operators we quote a job with all the inclusions not leaving you wondering how your going to dispose of all that waste product someone else will leave sitting there.